Made in China Hydraulic Hammer H Wedge Type Chisel

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Production Capacity: 10, 000PCS/3month
Transport Package: Pallet, Wooden Case
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Model: Hb20g
Diameter: 135mm
Length: 1200mm
Material: 42CrMo
Specification: SGS
Trademark: ZY

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Model NO.
HB20G, HB30G, HB40G
Handan, Hebei
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Made in China Hydraulic Hammer H Wedge Type Chisel

Function of wedge type chisel for hydraulic breaker:
Smash the rocks by impacting power made by strike piston, and protect the hydraulic breaker to avoid the breakage caused by excessive radial force, In other words, if the work encountered excessive radial force, steel chisel in the hydraulic breaker will break before the fracture of the breaker, thereby to protect the hydraulic breaker.

Wedge type chisel for hydraulic breaker:
Hydraulic breaker wedge chisels are widely used in the Hydraulic breaker. Hydraulic breaker wedge chisels are more wear-resistant, are suitable to break the heavy reinforced concrete and sedimentary rocks and the rock cracks of high hardness rocks.
Hydraulic breaker cone chisel can provide a very marvelous penetration. No reinforced or slightly reinforced concrete, sedimentary rock, and high hardness, seamy rock and so on.
Hydraulic breaker flat chisel can not smash the object by penetrating and hacking. Commonly used for crushing hard, brittle objects, such as flint, and igneous and metamorphic rocks and so on.

Applicable field:
1. Mining—Mining, Second-time breaking;
2. Metallurgy—Clearing slag, Demolition of furnace and foundation;
3. Road—Repairing, Breaking, Foundation work;
4. Railway—Tunneling, Demolition of bridge;
5. Construction—Demolition of bulinding and reinforced concrete;
6. Ship repairing—Clearing clam and rust from the hull;
7. Others—Breaking frozen mud.

We can make new types under buyer's specification, you only need to give us the specification, we will make out for you.

The diversity design can enable one coupler for multiple brand of equipments within the same excavator weight class, meanwhile, the versatility also make sure picking up the widest range of attachments such as buckets, rippers, especially strong in demolition attachments such as hammers, crushers, shears by making the advantage from both free type and fixed type.
Furukawa Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:
F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F9, F12, F19, F20, F22, F27, F 30, F35, F45, F70, HB05R, HB1G, HB2G, HB2, 5G, HB3R, HB100, HB3G, HB200, HB5G, HB8G, HB10G, HB700, HB15G, HB20G, HB30G, HB40G, HB50G

NPK Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:
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H06-X, H08-X, H1-XA, H2-XA/XE, H 2-X, H3-XA/XE, H4-X/XE, H5-X, H6-X, H7-X, H 8-X, H8-XA, H10-X, H10-XB, H10-XE, H12-X, H12-XE, H16-X, 16-XE

Soosan Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:
SB10, SB20, SB30, SB35, SB40, SB50, SB60, SB81, SB121

Kent Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:
KF1, KF2, KF3, KF4, KF5, KF6, KF9, KF12, KF19, KF22, KF27, KF35, K 45, KF70

Krupp Hydraulic breaker/hydraulic hammer:
HM45, HM55 (50), HM51, HM60V, HM75 (60), HM61, HM85, HM90V, HM100, HM110, HM130, HM131, HM135, HM140V, HM170, HM185, HM190V, HM200, HM220, HM230, HM301, HM305 (300), HM400, HM401, HM405, HM350V, HM551, HM555, HM560, HM560CS (550), HM560V, HM580, HM600, HM601, HM680, HM720CS HM(710), HM711, HM715, HM 720, HM720V, HM712, HM700, HM701, HM702, HM705, HM706, HM780 V, HM800, HM900, HM901, HM902, HM960CS (950), HM960V, HM1000V, HM1200, HM1201, HM1205, HM1500, HM1500CS, HM1500V, HM2100, HM2300V, HM2500(2200), HM2500V, HM2600

Series Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
HB10G 105 1000
HB15G 120 1000
HB20G 135 1200
HB30G 150 1300
HB40G 160 1400
HB50G 180 1500

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